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Utility Services

Water and Sewer services are provided by the City of Coquille.  Application forms are available at City Hall or on this website under Forms in the Home tab.

Electrical Services are provided by Pacific Power.

Natural Gas Service is provided by Northwest Natural.

Telephone and cable services are provided by the following:     


Douglas Fast Net

Solid Waste

Garbage disposal and recycling are available through Wadsworth Garbage Collection Services located at 502 SE Johnson Street.  Phone #541 396-3086. Wadsworth offers recycling on the 1st Saturday of the month at the Water Treatment Plant on Hwy 42 from 10am to 2pm.

Disposal services are available at the Coos County Beaver Hill Landfill.  55722 Hwy. 101,  Phone #541 396-7310.

For information on other recycling options and hazardous waste disposal options please visit the Coos County Solid Waste webpage.

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